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It's a vicious cycle: you spend more money to buy more stuff, only to find that you are still not satisfied.  All of that spending in pursuit of happiness is keeping you in debt and limiting your lifestyle options.  I have found that there will always be at least one more thing you want to buy in order to be happy...  The way to break this cycle and find happiness is to spend less money, not more!

Penny Pincher Journal features articles to help you spend less money and enjoy life more.  Learn to spend less, waste less, find great deals, and choose great products that can save you money every day.  Subscribe below to get free money-saving tips!

About Dr. Penny Pincher

Dr. Penny Pincher really is a doctor with a Ph.D. in engineering and likes to pinch pennies.  As an entrepreneur, he founded two technology startup businesses- both profitable.  In 2013, Dr. Penny Pincher founded his personal finance blog Penny Pincher Journal.  His articles on saving money have been featured on top sites including Time.com, Business Insider, Kiplinger, and Wise Bread.

What started all this penny pinching?  After buying a very expensive puppy on impulse, Dr. Penny Pincher realized he needed to find ways to cut expenses.  He had fallen into the same trap as millions of others- excessive spending and taking on debt to buy unnecessary stuff.  As he set to work finding innovative ways to cut expenses, he started writing to share tips on spending less money to help others who want to improve their financial situation.

His hobbies include drinking great coffee, annoying his family, riding his cheapcycle (cheap bicycle), and saving money every day. 

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