Penny Pincher Journal Store

Penny Pincher Journal Store

I decided to round up my favorite products that can help you save money and put them in the Penny Pincher Journal Store.  I normally don't like spending money to buy something, but these products can pay for themselves quickly by providing value and saving more money than the cost of buying the product.

Haircuts at Home

Save $100 per person per year by cutting your own hair at home!  You'll also save time and fuel by avoiding driving to the barber shop.

Make Great Coffee at Home

I enjoy making great, world-class coffee at home every day for only 60 cents.  I even wrote a book that describes exactly to make great coffee at home using inexpensive equipment and simple brewing techniques.

Best Value Coffee Maker

Save $540 per person per year by making great coffee at home instead of buying coffee at a coffee shop every day!  This inexpensive coffee maker has some high end features such as a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot and fresh and uses a cone filter for maximum flavor extraction.

Thermal Travel Coffee Mug- Turn it Upside Down and it Doesn't Leak!

This insulated coffee cup will keep your coffee hot. The lid automatically seals, keeping your coffee fresh and preventing spills. I even tried turning mine upside down and it didn't leak! Use this coffee mug for coffee from home for about a week instead of getting coffee at a coffee shop and it will pay for itself.

Make Your Own Soda / Pop at Home

Save $260 per per year by making your own soda at home!  Not only will you save money, but you will cut down on waste from plastic bottles as well.

Make Your Own Tea Bags

Save money and get fresher tea by making your own tea bags at home. Buy empty tea bags and fill them with fresh loose leaf tea. You can even get reusable empty cotton tea bags if you don't want to throw paper tea bags away!  You can buy a pound of high quality loose leaf tea for about $12 and fill many, many tea bags with fresh tea leaves for less money than buying prepackaged tea bags.

Giant Insulated Lunch Box

Pack your lunch rather than eating out and save $165 per month. A giant lunch box will easily allow you to take enough food to last all day. You'll have room for tupperware containers of leftovers or even a box of cereal.

Skip the Bottled Water: Save $$ and Save the Planet!

Americans are now buying more bottled water than soda!  Why spend so much money buying small plastic bottles of water?  Bring your own water from home for almost free...

Get Free High Definition TV with an Indoor TV Antenna

I cut my satellite TV and now get free HD TV with an indoor TV antenna, saving over $100 per month!  If you cut cable or satellite TV, this amplified indoor HD TV antenna would pay for itself in less than one month.  If you have broadcast TV stations in your area, you can get free TV over the air.  Why pay when you can get free TV?

Buy the Penny Pincher Journal Book!

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