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This page explains how to submit a guest post to be considered for publication here at Penny Pincher Journal, and how to request a guest post from Dr. Penny Pincher for your blog or website.

How To Submit A Guest Post to Penny Pincher Journal

Would you like to see your writing featured here on Penny Pincher Journal and shared with our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email?

Penny Pincher Journal is interested in publishing great guest posts with original content (never published anywhere) about 700 words in length from up-and-coming or established bloggers.  The topic should be related to ways to save money or frugal living.

Please use the "Contact Penny Pincher Journal" form on the right side of any page on this blog and send a message to introduce yourself and propose a topic for your guest post.  (Note:  if you are using a mobile device, you may need to request the desktop version of this page in your browser to see the contact form.)

We will let you know within a couple days if we are interested in your guest post or not.

Just to be clear, we cannot pay for guest posts.  But you may include a link or two back to your blog or website in your guest post, and you should include an "About the Author" section with a few sentences about yourself and/or your blog.  This is a great way to get exposure to new readers and build your portfolio of published work.

If your guest post is accepted on Penny Pincher Journal, it cannot be published anywhere else.  If you have suggestions for photos to include in your guest post (public domain images, your own photos, etc.), please include links to these with your guest post submission.

Here is an example of a great guest post that was featured on Penny Pincher Journal.

How To Request A Guest Post from Dr. Penny Pincher

If you would like some awesome original content by Dr. Penny Pincher for your blog or website, use the "Contact Penny Pincher Journal" form on the right side of any page to let us know the URL for your site and details about what you would like to see in a guest post.

If your site has a lot of readers interested in saving money, Dr. Penny Pincher may be interested in providing a guest post.  Check out the About Penny Pincher Journal page for examples of guest posts by Dr. Penny Pincher.

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