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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Long Does It Take To Walk X Miles or X kilometers?

How Long Does It Take To Walk...

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How long does it take to walk 1 mile?
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The time it takes to walk a given distance depends on your walking speed.  Evaluation of walking speed determined the following typical walking speeds on a paved surface:

  • Leisurely walking speed is 3.14 mph or 5.06 km/hr.  This is approximately the average human walking speed.
  • Normal/purposeful walking speed is 4.22 mph or 6.80 km/hr
  • Brisk walking speed is 5.88 mph or 9.47 km/hr
The brisk walking speed is walking nearly as fast as possible- it would take excellent physical conditioning to sustain this pace for very long.  Normal or leisurely walking speeds could be sustained for a long time with little or no special conditioning.  The walking conditions will also impact walking speed: walking uphill or walking in bad weather is likely to be slower.  The walking speeds considered are based on walking on a paved, level surface.

Walking Time Calculator

Use the Walking Time calculator below to check walking time for any distance:
  • Enter the units you would like to use: miles, kilometers, or blocks
  • Enter your walking speed: leisurely, purposeful, or brisk
  • Enter the walking distance
  • Click 'Compute'
  • Results show how long it would take to walk the selected distance in seconds, minutes, and hours

Walking Time Calculator by Dr. Penny Pincher
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Blocks (650 feet)
Walking Speed:
Leisurely (3.1 mph/5.1 km/hr)
Purposeful (4.2 mph/6.8 km/hr)
Brisk (5.9mph/9.5 km/hr)
Enter distance to Walk:

Result: Time to Walk= seconds
Result: Time to Walk= minutes
Result: Time to Walk= hours

* Remember to push the "Compute" button to update the result when you change units, walking speed, or distance!

For reference, the tables below show how long it would take to walk the given distance at each of the 3 walking speeds considered.  Note that the times provided do not include any breaks or rest stops and assumes that a steady walking pace is maintained.

Look up the walking time for a given distance in miles or kilometers below.  Walking time for distance in miles is given first, followed by kilometers (km).  Sometimes km is abbreviated simply as k, for example a 5k walk is 5km or about 3 miles.

How Long Does it Take to Walk 1 Mile?

One mile is a fairly short walk- you may be able to reach a local school or grocery store from your home with a one mile walk each way.

Leisurely walking speed: 19.1 minutes
Normal walking speed: 14.2 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 10.2 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 2 Miles?

A two mile walk is no problem for most people.  If you live in town, you can likely reach many schools and businesses with a 2 mile walk each way.

Leisurely walking speed: 38.2 minutes
Normal walking speed: 28.4 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 20.4 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 3 Miles?

A 3 mile walk is something you can easily accomplish during a 1 hour lunch break.

Leisurely walking speed: 58.1 minutes
Normal walking speed: 42.9 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 30.5 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 4 Miles?

Walking 4 miles may also be achievable during a lunch break if you are in good shape and have good walking conditions (good weather and flat walking surface).

Leisurely walking speed: 77.4 minutes
Normal walking speed: 57.1 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 40.7 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 5 Miles?

Walking five miles is more of a commitment.  You can walk across most small and medium size towns with a 5 mile walk each way.

Leisurely walking speed: 95.5 minutes
Normal walking speed: 71.0 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 51.0 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 10 Miles?

If you are stranded on the highway between towns, you might need to walk 10 miles to reach the next town.

Leisurely walking speed: 3.18 hours
Normal walking speed: 2.37 hours
Brisk walking speed: 1.70 hours

How Long Does it Take to Walk 100 Miles?

Walking one hundred miles without a break would be a long day- it would take about 24 hours at normal walking speed.

Leisurely walking speed: 31.8 hours
Normal walking speed: 23.7 hours
Brisk walking speed: 17.0 hours

How Long Does it Take to Walk 1 km (kilometer)?

One kilometer is a short walk- a few city blocks in most areas.

Leisurely walking speed: 11.9 minutes
Normal walking speed: 8.80 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 6.34 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 2 km (kilometers)?

A distance of two kilometers is a bit more than one mile, also a short walk for most people.

Leisurely walking speed: 23.7 minutes
Normal walking speed: 17.6 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 12.7 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 3 km (kilometers)?

You could walk 3 km during a 30 minute lunch break.

Leisurely walking speed: 36.1 minutes
Normal walking speed: 26.6 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 19.0 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 4 km (kilometers)?

If you are not ready to tackle a 4 mile walk, start with a 4 km walk.  It sounds almost as impressive!

Leisurely walking speed: 48.1 minutes
Normal walking speed: 35.5 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 25.3 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 5 km (kilometers)?

A five kilometer distance is equivalent to about 3 miles.  Most people can easily walk this distance.  A 5 km walk is also known as a 5 k walk.

Leisurely walking speed: 59.3 minutes
Normal walking speed: 44.1 minutes
Brisk walking speed: 31.7 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 10 km (kilometers)?

Ten kilometers is over 6 miles.  Walking this distance would take you across town in most small and medium sized cities.  At over an hour and a half at normal walking speed, a 10 k walk takes some commitment.

Leisurely walking speed: 1.98 hours
Normal walking speed: 1.47 hours
Brisk walking speed: 63.4 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Walk 100 km (kilometer)?

One hundred kilometers is a bit over 62 miles.  Walking 100 km would be a long day or night, taking over 12 hours to cover this distance.

Leisurely walking speed: 19.8 hours
Normal walking speed: 14.7 hours
Brisk walking speed: 10.6 hours

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