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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walking Time Calculator- How Long Would It Take to Walk?

Walking Time Calculator

Walking is an easy form of exercise that requires no special equipment.  You can save money by walking instead of driving- but how long will it take to walk to your destination?  Find out with the Walking Time Calculator!

Find how long it takes to walk any distance using this simple walking time calculator.  Select the units you would like to use for distance: miles, kilometers, or blocks.  Select your walking speed: leisurely, purposeful, or brisk.  This article describes the different walking speeds.  Input your walking distance and push "Compute".  The time required to walk the given distance at the selected walking speed will be displayed.

Walking Time Calculator by Dr. Penny Pincher
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Blocks (650 feet)
Walking Speed:
Leisurely (3.1 mph/5.1 km/hr)
Purposeful (4.2 mph/6.8 km/hr)
Brisk (5.9mph/9.5 km/hr)
Enter distance to Walk:

Result: Time to Walk= seconds
Result: Time to Walk= minutes
Result: Time to Walk= hours

* Remember to click "Compute" to update the results when you change units, speed, or distance!

Your walking time is calculated and is presented in seconds, minutes, and hours.  The resulting time in seconds is equivalent to the time in minutes, which is equivalent to the time in hours.  The different time units are shown to allow you to look at the result that makes sense based on your walking distance.

Walking Time Calculator Instructions

The Walking Time Calculator calculates your walking time in seconds, minutes, and hours and give you the answer for how long it takes to walk any distance.  Simply set the units that you wish to use to enter your walking distance, type in the distance, and click "Compute".

Walking Speed Calculator Input

  • Leisurely walking speed is actually the average human walking speed of 3.1 mph which is 5.1 km/hr.  
  • Purposeful walking is the speed people walk when they want to get somewhere- it is a comfortable walking speed for most people at 4.2 mph or 6.8 km/hr.
  • Brisk walking speed at 5.9 mph or 9.5 km/hr is very fast walking- most people could not sustain a brisk walking speed without being in top condition.  Typically, you only see people walking at brisk walking speed during training or perhaps at an airport trying to catch a flight.

Walking Distance Calculator Input
I included units of blocks since people often think in terms of blocks when walking in a city.  Blocks are different lengths in different places- blocks are even different lengths within the same city.  In my area, blocks are about 650 feet long on average.

Walking Time Calculator Outputs
All of the results outputs from the Walking Time Calculator are equivalent- you get your walking time presented in seconds, the same walking time presented in minutes, and the same walking time presented in hours.

The walking calculator result is output in seconds, minutes, and hours so you can pick the one that makes sense based on the distance you are walking.  For example, if you are only walking a few blocks then the result in minutes would be the most useful.  If you are walking a long distance, the result in hours is easier to comprehend than looking at a very large number of seconds.  If you want to check walking time for very short distances, the results in seconds is easiest to understand.

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