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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cheap Workout Equipment

Cheap Workout Equipment

I Got This Weider Crossbow Weight Training System for $50!
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

It is amazing how much cheap- or even free- workout equipment you can find if you are willing to look around.  From my perspective, workout equipment doesn't need to be fancy or expensive.  The point is to find a piece of workout equipment that you can use safely and that gets the job done of keeping you in shape.

Workout equipment is one of those things that lots of people buy, but few people use.  Once someone decides they don't want their workout equipment, it has little value to the seller and they want to get rid of it so they can have room for something else.  This means that you can often find really cheap prices for workout equipment that is in almost new condition and has been used very little.

If you have money to spend, you can get the exact make and model of equipment you want.  However, if you want cheap workout equipment, you'll need to be flexible about the exact features you can get for a low price.  Sometimes, you'll see a type of workout equipment you weren't even considering and decide to give it a try.  If you find something that you might use and it's cheap enough, it may be worth taking a chance.

Timing is important when buying cheap exercise equipment.  If the workout equipment you are considering is for sale on eBay, craigslist, or a yard sale, you will likely need to make a quick decision about whether to purchase it or not.  If you don't buy it, someone else might.  This is one of those cases where impulse buying may be necessary to get the best deal on workout equipment.

Where to Find Cheap Workout Equipment

Garage Sales
I have had good luck finding cheap workout equipment at garage sales.  My best find was a Weider Crossbow system that I brought home for around $50.  This is weight lifting system similar to a Bowflex.  The Crossbow has flexible rods that provide resistance, and you can adjust how many rods you are pushing against.  This is safer than free weights, and can be used for beginning to intermediate workouts, which suits me well.  Here are tips on how to find great deals at garage sales.  You will want to arrive early at sales that have workout equipment, bring cash, and don't be afraid to bargain to get a good price.

You can find cheap workout equipment and sometimes even free exercise equipment on craigslist.  Buying workout equipment on craigslist is a little more difficult than shopping at garage sales- you need to arrange a time with the seller to look at the equipment.  An advantage to shopping for cheap exercise equipment on craigslist is that you can find out the make and model of the item for sale and do some research to see if it is right for you.

Used Exercise Equipment Stores
If you check on the internet, you will likely find that there is a store that sells used exercise equipment in your area.  Many of these stores are consignment stores.  The owner of the workout equipment provides it to the store to sell, and when it sells the store gets a percentage of the selling price and the owner of the equipment gets the rest.  The quality of items for sale in a used exercise equipment store is generally pretty good.  Stores do not accept items for sale that are broken or in poor condition.  However, it is less likely that you will find really cheap prices in a store.  The store has to sell the items for enough to generate enough money to meet expenses.  Another downside of shopping for exercise equipment in a store- the salesperson may try to move you up to more expensive models with features that you don't really need.

Thrift Shops
Most thrift shops or consignment stores have some exercise equipment for sale.  My experience has been that they don't have a lot of variety, but when they have something the price is usually very low.  Sometimes Goodwill Thrift Shops have some small exercise equipment items.

You can find cheap exercise equipment for sale on eBay, however shipping large items is usually expensive.  Sometimes you can find local items for sale on eBay that have pick-up as an option so you don't have to pay for shipping.  The way I use eBay for shopping for exercise equipment is to check prices and see what types of items are available.  If an item has cheap or free shipping, I would consider it.  Otherwise I try to find a similar item locally to avoid shipping costs.

I have purchased workout equipment from  Sometimes you can find new equipment at low prices.  When purchasing from amazon, be sure to consider the shipping cost as well as the purchase price.  Sometimes you can get free or cheap shipping offers.  You can often find items for sale at amazon that you cannot find in sporting goods stores.

The Best Cheap Workout Equipment

Here are my favorite cheap workout equipment items:
1) Weider Crossbow

 If you can find a Crossbow or Bowflex cheap, you can get a lot of use from it.  It is quick and easy to adjust the resistance and it never really wears out.  It does take quite a bit of space, so make sure you have room for one before you buy.

2) Cheap Treadmill

A Used Treadmill is a Good Way to Get a Cheap Workout
Image Source: Public Domain Image

Lots of people buy treadmills- and then use them as a clothes rack!  You can often find used treadmills much cheaper than the price of new treadmills.  It is nice to have a treadmill, especially during winter months where walking on slippery surfaces can be dangerous.

3) Cheap Exercise Bike

A cheap exercise bike is great to have to stay in shape over winter.  You can find nice recumbent models that allow you to get a cardiovascular workout with minimal impact on your back.  It is nice to stay in shape and start off the biking season in spring in good shape.

4) Pull-up Bar
Pull-up bars are cheap- you don't need to worry about looking for a used one.  You can buy a nice pull-up bar for around $30.  You can get in shape quick by doing a few pull-ups a day.

5) Pedometer

A Pedometer is Cheap and Helps Motivate You During Your Workout Program
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

A good pedometer can be a great motivator for walking to stay fit.  You can get a pedometer for around $20 that will last for years.  A pedometer allow you to track walking distance and can also calculate calories burned.  Here is a review of the key features to find in a pedometer.

6) Heavy Punching Bag

A Heavy Punching Bag Can Provide a Cheap Workout at Home
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

I bought my Everlast Heavy Punching Bag new for under $100 including accessories, but you should be able to find used heavy punching bags for sale even cheaper.  A heavy bag takes some work to install if you plan to attach a punching bag to your ceiling.  You can also get heavy bag stand stands so the punching bag does not attach to your walls or ceiling at all.  Used heavy punching bags should sell in the under $100 range and provide a quick- and fun- workout.

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