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A Dishwasher For Billionaires

A Dishwasher Fit for a Billionaire?

Dishwasher for Billionaires
Dishwasher for Billionaires
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Yesterday, I was loading my dishwasher just after dawn on a beautiful August morning.  Light was streaming in from the sunrise, and my stainless steel dishwasher was glistening.  I have a bit of history with this dishwasher...

This is a dishwasher that I installed myself.  We tore out the old cabinets and removed the old plumbing- all that was left was 2 copper pipes and a drain pipe sticking out of the floor.  After installing a new sink base, I used a torch to sweat on new shut-offs and installed a new dishwasher all by myself.  I was so relieved when I turned on the water and in my plumbing installation was not leaking.

Then trouble struck.  After only running one load of dishes, the dishwasher would not turn on and reported an error code.  Not only that, but the tub of the dishwasher was leaking too.  The appliance repairman subtly suggested that we get a different one instead of trying to repair this brand new unit with so many problems.  If you want the whole story about the lemon dishwasher, I wrote an article about it at HubPages.

Anyway, I hauled the carcass of the faulty dishwasher back to Lowe's and got my money back.  I decided to go with a different brand from a different store.  I got an awesome Bosch dishwasher from an independent appliance shop.

The new dishwasher has worked perfectly for over 7 months now.  It is super quiet, has a stainless steel interior, a nice third rack for small items, and the middle rack is also adjustable.  I ran a lot of loads to "test" it before sharing it with the rest of my family.

So what does this dishwasher have to do with billionaires?  As I was loading it and it was glistening at me, reminding me of how it came through when I really needed a dishwasher, I thought to myself,

"Even if I were a billionaire, I wouldn't want a different dishwasher."

Below is a link to the dishwasher I got on Amazon.  Some of the reviews complain about the drying capability, but this is an energy efficiency feature.  You cam just crack the door while the dishwasher is still hot after running, and the dishes will dry without using any energy.  I would rather save money on my electric bill than pay to get the dishes dry quickly.

Bosch SHP65TL5UC 500 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star

What Else Is Fit for a Billionaire?

This thought of keeping the exact same dishwasher even if I had billions of dollars and could easily get any dishwasher I wanted to replace it made me think- what else would I keep, even if I suddenly became a billionaire?

I would keep my current house and vehicles.  The vehicles are well-maintained and do everything I want from them.  My wife's car absorbed the force from being rear-ended by a big Dodge Ram pickup truck and kept her safe.  My son really likes his first car, and I am just getting started owning my 10 year old Toyota Highlander.  I would replace the windows on my house and upgrade the floors, but the location and yard is great.  I can think of lots of nice places to visit, but I can't think of a nicer place to live.

One advantage of keeping my same stuff if I became a billionaire is that it would help me blend in and avoid attracting unwanted attention.  Being a billionaire does have some down sides.  I have always thought that fortune would be much better than fame if you could choose one.  Now you know why I use a nom de plume.

Sure, I might do some traveling and maybe even get a vacation home somewhere if I really had billions of dollars, but I already have pretty much everything I want.  OK, I would also get a Class A motorhome.  Not that I have thought about this much, but it would be 40 foot diesel pusher with 3 slide-outs and an outdoor kitchen.  Plus, I would go ahead and put in a swimming pool at home.  But I don't think I would buy that much more stuff.

I think the biggest change I would make would be how I spend my time- I would no longer be concerned about making money... or would I?  If I had billions of dollars, I would probably be working hard at keeping track of all of that money and trying to invest it wisely.  I could hire people to help manage all of that money, but I would still need to keep track of my people.  So, I suspect that I would actually spend a lot more time thinking about money as I do now.

Maybe being a billionaire wouldn't be that much better than my life now.  When I'm loading my dishwasher, I can't tell the difference.

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