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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Used EVO CX Exercise Bike Review

Used EVO CX Exercise Bike Review

Used EVO CX Exercise Bike
Used EVO CX Exercise Bike

I am always looking out for cheap used exercise equipment that I can use to stay in shape.  I have been looking for an exercise bike for a year or so since my old 20 year old Schwinn Airdyne broke.  I wanted something much more sturdy and capable of providing a quick, intense workout.

Last week, I found what I was looking for- and more- at the 2nd Wind used exercise equipment store.

The store obtained some used professional grade exercise bikes from a fitness center and was offering them at a substantial discount.  The EVO CX can be ridden like a standard exercise bike, but it has a neat trick.  It has a sway mechanism that allows you to stand up and work your core.  This simulates the motion of standing up and riding a bike up a steep hill.  What a workout!  I feel like I could leap over a small building after doing this a few times...

This sturdy piece of gear is just what I needed.  It is a heavy item, I would guess it weighs around 100 pounds.  I had my teenage son help carry it to my exercise room upstairs.  The base does have wheels to make it easy to position in your workout room.

The EVO CX is quickly and easily adjustable since it is designed for heavy use by people of different shapes and sizes in a fitness club.  It has a nice handle bar assembly that holds 2 water bottles plus your cell phone.  The hand rest allows a lot of different hand and arm positions while riding.

This is a simple "spinner" exercise bike.  You don't need to plug it in, and it does not have automatic exercise programs.  There is a red resistance knob that you can turn to increase or decrease the resistance.  Pushing the button stops the pedals from spinning when you are ready to stop.

 EVO CX Professional Grade Exercise Bike
EVO CX Professional Grade Exercise Bike

This bike includes a built-in computer to track your time, distance, and heart rate, although I did not get the wireless heart rate strap with my used model.

Really, this is two exercise machines in one.  You can ride this like a standard exercise bike, or you can set the switch to allow sway and stand up.  The exercise you get by standing up and swaying is more like running or sprinting.  I am in pretty good shape from riding my real bike up hills all summer, but this exercise bike is able to challenge me with a good workout that takes only a few minutes.

If you are looking for a really solid exercise bike to add a piece to your workout, check out the EVO CX.

These are pretty expensive new, check out used EVO CX on eBay:

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