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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Find A Used ElliptiGO For Sale

Why Look For A Used ElliptiGO For Sale?

How to Find a Used ElliptiGO For Sale
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As with other types of exercise equipment, people may buy an ElliptiGO and then do not use it much as they planned.  If you are looking to buy an ElliptiGO, this presents an opportunity.  If you can find a lightly used ElliptiGO for sale, you could save about $500 by buying a used ElliptiGO instead of a new ElliptiGO.

If you plan to look for used ElliptiGOs for sale, you should go though the process of deciding which model you want.  The models to choose from are:

  • ElliptiGO 3C.  This model has 3 gears.  Good for relatively flat terrain.  New price: $1,799
  • ElliptiGO 8C.  This model has 8 gears.  You'll want 8C or 11R for hill climbing.  New price: $2,499
  • ElliptiGO 11R  This lightweight performance model has 11 gears and is suitable for hill climbing.  New price: $3,499

If you are buying a used ElliptiGO instead of a new one, you'll want to make sure you save enough money to make it worth the trouble.  If you buy a new ElliptiGO, you can get support from the dealer and have warranty coverage.  I would look for $500 or more discount from the retail price on a used ElliptiGO.

ElliptiGO Dealers

The place to start your search for a used ElliptiGO is at an ElliptiGO dealer.  You can check at the ElliptiGO website to search for a dealer near your zipcode.  When you are at the dealer, you can get more information about ElliptiGO and get answers to your questions.  You can even take a test ride and make sure an ElliptiGO is right for you.  You might also be able to buy a used ElliptiGO from a dealer.  Dealers have demonstrator models that they use for test rides and some dealers also rent ElliptiGOs.  Let the dealer know you are looking for a used ElliptiGO and see if they have any for sale.  They may offer to call you in a few months if they have one for sale.  Some dealers will buy used ElliptiGOs and resell them.  If the dealer has a bulletin board, see if you can post an ElliptiGO wanted note.  Someone may be thinking of trading up to a different model and will have one they want to sell.

Post an ElliptiGO Wanted Ad on Craigslist

You might as well search your local craigslist ads to see if any ElliptiGOs are for sale, but chances are that you will not find any.  ElliptiGOs for sale are not that common.  But you might have success if you post an ElliptiGO wanted ad on craigslist.  Someone with an unused ElliptiGO may see the ad- or someone's spouse may see the ad- and you will get a contact with a used ElliptiGO for sale.  Someone in town may have an ElliptiGO just sitting in the basement or garage and will be willing to sell it to someone who is interested and has cash to offer.

Find Used ElliptiGO on eBay

There are usually a couple auctions with ElliptiGO for sale on eBay.  If you watch for awhile, you may find one within driving distance that you could pick up and avoid paying for shipping.  If you can get a good enough price, paying for shipping may make sense.  Some sellers offer free shipping, which can have a value of $100 or more.

Cheaper Alternatives to ElliptiGO

If you can't find a used ElliptiGO, check out less expensive alternatives such as StreetStrider ($2000) or Zike ($600).

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