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Dog Cookies? Can You Really Get Cookies For Dogs?

What are Dog Cookies?

Dog cookies are dog treats that look like cookies.  Most dog treats look like they are made for dogs- they are brown colored and shaped like a dog bone.  Some dog treats are tube-shaped and filled with meat flavored filling- obviously not something that would be confused with a cookie.  But some dog cookies look just like real cookies.

Dog Cookies at the Pet Shop- I would eat something that looks like this!
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

What is the Difference Between Dog Cookies and Regular Cookies?

The ingredients are the main difference between dog cookies and regular cookies.  Dog cookies do not contain chocolate because chocolate is harmful to dogs.  Sugar and corn syrup is also not included in dog cookies- these ingredients are bad for a dog's teeth since dogs do not brush and floss their teeth like people.

There are varieties of dog cookies that are gluten free for dogs that are sensitive to wheat products.  You can also buy or make vegetarian dog cookies that use flavorings like peanut butter or sweet potato instead of beef or chicken.

Tray of Dog Cookies- these look like real cookies!
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

What is in Dog Cookies?

The base of most dog cookies is eggs and flour.  Dog cookies may also contain oat and rice ingredients such as oatmeal or rice flour.  Flavoring for dog cookies may include peanut butter, beef broth, chicken broth, or other flavors that dogs like.

These Dog Cookies Look Like Ginger Snaps
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

Dog Cookie Recipes- Make Dog Cookies at Home

You can make dog cookies and homemade gourmet dog treats at home.  Below are links to a couple dog cookie recipes to make your own dog cookies with ingredients you can easily find at grocery stores or around the house:

Homemade Dog Cookies-Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal
Top Dog Cookie Recipes

Make Your Own Dog Cookies and Gourmet Dog Treats at Home
Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Paliwoda via Wikimedia Commons

Are Dog Cookies Ridiculous?

My first impression when seeing the dog cookies at the pet store was that dog cookies are ridiculous.  Do we really need dog treats that look like cookies?  Do dogs care what their treats look like?  But after further thought, I realized that dog cookies serve mostly to make humans happy.  People have fun giving their dog treats that look like real cookies.  This is sort of like giving your dog a collar with a cool design- the dog doesn't care what their collar looks like, but giving the dog a stylish collar makes the owner happy.  I think dogs would enjoy treats of any shape or design.  If making dog treats that look like cookies makes people happy, then why not?

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