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Fresh Step Paw Points: Get Free Stuff with Paw Points Rewards

What are Paw Points?

Paw Points is a reward program associated with Fresh Step cat litter.  When you buy a package of Fresh Step cat litter, the box may contain a coupon you can cut out that has a Paw Points code printed on the back.  Some packages of Fresh Step have a plastic envelope inside that contains the Paw Points coupon.  Don't throw this away- you can get free stuff if you save your Paw Points.

Stack of Fresh Step Paw Points
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

The large boxes of cat litter typically have a 50 Paw Points coupon, and smaller boxes have a coupon for 25 Paw Points.  I have also seen 45 point denominations.  The Paw Points codes can be entered at the Fresh Step website.  You can use Paw Points to get prizes and discounts on future cat litter purchases.

I have collected thousands of Paw Points!
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

What Rewards and Free Stuff Can You Get with Paw Points?

At the Fresh Step website, there is a catalog of rewards.  Some examples of items you can get for free using Paw Points:

  • Cat grooming items
  • Cat toys
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Pet photo merchandise
  • $3 off Fresh Step coupon (costs 325 points)
  • Cat litter scoops
  • Cat litter mats

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How Do You Get Paw Points?

You can find Paw Points on cardboard Fresh Step packaging.  It has a dotted line printed around the certificate- cut this out with scissors.  On the back, there is a Paw Points code that you can enter at the Fresh Step website to register your Pwaw Points.  You can also look through the rewards catalog and decide how to spend your Paw Points.

Paw Points from Fresh Step Cat Litter
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

How Much Are Paw Points Worth?

You can't exchange Paw Points for cash, but you can use Paw Points to get savings on cat liter.  For example, you can get a $3 off coupon for 325 Paw Points.  This puts the value of Paw Points at about $1 for 100 Paw Points.  So Paw Points are worth about 1 cent each.

You can purchase Paw Points on eBay.  Some people end up with Paw Points codes and have no use for them.

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