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Friday, January 17, 2014

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Find out how long it will take to payoff your credit card with the Credit Card Payoff Calculator.  Enter your credit card balance, monthly payment, and interest rate.  The Credit Card Payoff Calculator outputs the time to payoff your credit card and also the total amount of your payments to payoff the credit card.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator by Dr. Penny Pincher
How long will it take to payoff your credit card?
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Enter Credit Card Balance ($):
Enter Interest Rate (%):
Enter Monthly Payment ($):
Payoff Time (months):
Total of Payments ($):

With the Credit Card Payoff Calculator, you can check how much the interest rate affects your time to payoff a credit card.  For example, if you are paying 12.9% interest and you transfer your balance to a new credit account with 0% interest, will this help you payoff your credit card faster?  With the default settings of a $5,000 credit card balance, 12.9% interest, and a $350 monthly payment, it would take 15.6 months to payoff the credit card at a cost of $5457.53.  If you could get a 0% introductory rate, you could pay the credit card off in 14.3 months and save $457.53.

You can also check the affect of making bigger payments on your credit card to payoff the balance faster.  If you pay an extra $100 per month, how much faster will you payoff your credit card and how much money will you save on interest payments?  For the default example, if you increased the payment by $100 to $450 per month, you would payoff the credit card in 11.9 months at a cost of $5353.32 at a savings of $104.21.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator Instructions

Calculator Inputs:
Enter Credit Card Balance ($):  Your total credit card balance.
Enter Interest Rate (%):  The annual interest rate on your credit card.
Enter Monthly Payment ($):  The amount you pay on your credit card every month.

Calculator Outputs:
Payoff Time (months):  How long it will take to payoff your credit card.  Note that fractions of a month are shown in the calculator.  For example if paying off your credit card will take 12.3 months, this would require 12 full monthly payments and a partial payment on the 13th month.
Total of Payments ($):  The total of your payments to pay off the credit card, including interest.

This site run by Drexel University introduces the basic formulas used to calculate compound interest for calculating credit card payoff time and cost.

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