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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Monthly Car Payment Calculator

Monthly Car Payment Calculator

Use this calculator to find out your monthly car payments.  Simply enter the loan amount for your car, the length of the loan in years, and the interest rate.

Car Payment Calculator by Dr. Penny Pincher
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For example, the default values in the Car Payment Calculator calculate car payments for a car loan of $28,000 for 4 years with an interest rate of 6%.

Car Loan Terms and Interest Rates

Typical terms for a car loan are 4 years or 5 years.  You can also get 3 year car loans and even 6 year car loans.  The longer the car loan you get, the more you will end up paying in interest.  However, an advantage of taking a longer car loan is that you can get a lower monthly payment.  Try entering different loan lengths in the Car Payment Calculator to see the effect on your monthly car payment.

The type of car you buy can affect the interest rate you get on a car loan.  The interest rates are lower on newer cars.  Banks have less risk in loaning money to buy a new car, because this asset is more likely to hold its value than an older car.  You can find car loans under 5% interest on newer cars.  Older cars can have interest rates of 10% or more.

Surprisingly, in some cases it may actually cost less to buy a newer car because of the lower interest rates you can get to buy a newer car.  The purchase price of an older car will be less than a newer car, but the total cost of paying the loan can be lower for a newer car if the interest rate is significantly less.  You can use the Car Payment Calculator to see the impact on your car payment of  buying a less expensive car at a higher interest rate vs. a more expensive car at at lower interest rate.

This site has some sample car payment calculations- you can enter the test parameters of  a 3 year loan, $15,000 car price, and 7%  interest rate and match the example calculation of $463.16 per month using the Car Payment Calculator.

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