Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Plan to Get an Ugly Chair for 80% Off

Today I spotted an awesome chair and ottoman (matching footstool) for sale at the local consignment store.  It was in new condition and was very comfortable.  But the exotic animal print on the fabric would not match the decor of most rooms.  This is good news, because at the consignment store, prices are reduced by 50% after 60 days and reduced down to 80% off after 90 days.

Price Markdown Schedule at the Consignment Store
  Price Markdown Schedule at the Consignment Store

Due to the unusual fabric pattern, I think there is a good chance this chair could still be for sale after 90 days, and I could get this awesome chair and ottoman set for 80% off.  The full price today was $150.  Too much.

At 50% off after 60 days, the price will be $75.  Still too much.

At 80% off after 90 days, the price will be $30.  This works for me.  In fact, this is a bit less than price I paid for the other chairs in my living room.  I am planning to put the chair in a room with cedar paneling and nothing else that it needs to match, so it would be just right for me.

My plan is to stop by the consignment store first thing when it opens on the day that the chair will be marked down to 80% off.

For this plan to work, I'll need to figure out the exact date when it will be marked down to 80% off.  The example on the markdown sign for today on Dec. 30:  items placed on the floor on Sept. 30 are 80% off, and items placed on the floor October 30 are 50% off.

After checking out some duration between dates with an online tool to calculate the duration between two dates, it appears that items are marked down to 50% on day 61, and the markdown to 80% off happens on day 91.

So when will my chair be marked down to 50% off and 80% off?  It was placed for sale on November 19, 2017.  Day 61 (50% off) will start on January 19, 2018 , and Day 91 (80% off) will start on February 18, 2018.

I don't really care about the 50% off date since the price will be too high, except for the fact that someone else may decide to buy the chair when it gets marked down to half price.  That is a risk I'll have to take.

February 18 falls on a Sunday this year.  I see that the consignment store opens at 11am on Sundays.  So, I'll plan to pop in first thing when the store opens on this date and see if the chair is still there or not.  If it is there marked down to 80% off, I'll be loading it up at about 11:05am!

Wish me luck...

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