Friday, December 22, 2017

Skipping Christmas- Am I A Grinch?

I hope no one calls me a Grinch, but I decided to skip Christmas this year.  Running around buying expensive presents, and dealing with returning duplicate and defective items after Christmas seems like such a waste of time and money.

Am I a Grinch For Skipping Christmas Presents?
  Am I a Grinch For Skipping Christmas Presents?  

Skipping Christmas would not work for everyone.  I can get away with this because my kids are older, with one in college and the other in high school.  If you have younger kids, you probably WILL be called a Grinch if you try to skip Christmas.  If you have kids under about 6 years old, you will have some serious explaining to do if you decide to skip Christmas...

By "skipping Christmas", I mean skipping the buying presents part.  We still put up the Christmas tree and we put up more outdoor lights than ever.  But we'll also skip the buying candy to put in stockings part.  Stocking stuffers are expensive, and everyone in my household has pretty much moved on from eating candy.

This year we plan to use the money we save from skipping the presents for a road trip instead.  I like the idea of getting an experience as a family instead of buying more stuff that we don't need.  With our youngest graduating from high school soon, this may be our last road trip as a family unit.

Not only did we save money on the cost of presents, but we didn't pay for gas to drive around buying presents, we didn't spend money on shipping for presents, and we won't end up making additional purchases sparked by presents.  For example, if you buy your kids a new video game console, you are setting yourself up to buy hundreds of dollars of games in the future.

Plus, by skipping the presents, we conserved natural resources that would have been consumed for manufacturing the presents, packaging them, and wrapping them to put under the tree.

How would you feel about skipping Christmas presents to save money, conserve resources, and reduce stress and hassle?

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